Artificial stone

Artificial stone

Instalaciones de la fabrica de Nova Zagora

History and Mission
In Thermostone,we specialize  in the production of decorative stone coating. The production process of artificial stone is made with modern technologies. Our production base is located in the industrial area of ​​Nova Zagora (Bulgaria) and is located in a modern factory, built with a total area of ​​2200 m2. The company is mainly focused on applying European standards in the quality of its products and customer service.

The factory produces a variety of models and artificial stone coverings offered under the brand Thermostone. The range currently comprises six families of products covering 33 models, each of which is available in different colors according to customer preferences. The detailed description and presentation of our products are in the catalog of the company, whose electronic version is available in Catalogue of artificial stone.

Our advantages

The artificial stones and bricks with decorative brand Thermostone is different with the similar products on the world market for its qualities:

  • High resistance
  • Very light weight, which eliminates the need to strengthen the walls
  • Low hygroscopicity
  • Ecological
  • Wide range of color and design
  • Easy and quick assembly with standard tile adhesives and granite or cement
  • Reduce the impact of ultraviolet radiation

Revestimientos Thermostone Madera Exótica

In Thermostone not all is stone

In our ongoing commitment to innovation in the field of interior design and care of the environment, we have created a new line of decorative wall finishes that reproduce different types of exotic woods. The products of WOOD from Artic Line, imitate different types of wood, some of which cannot be found on the market, as […]


Thermostone and our ecological conscience

We would like to stop your attention to our company’s commitment to the environment Thermostone was born with the intention to apply the most advanced technologies and European quality standards in the manufacture of all its products – decorative artificial stone, all in perfect harmony with nature without destroying it or affecting it. Our intention […]

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