TERMOSTONE Ltd. was registered in 2014 in Nova Zagora, Bulgaria as a commercial company, specialized in the production of artificial facing stones and decorative bricks. The company offers them using its own trade brand – THERMOSTONE.

Products Thermostone

made from lightweight concrete

Изкуствен камък Thermostone

Artificial (Faux) Stones

In Artificial Stone products we have included all those models which resemble natural stones. Artificial stone allows you to decorate outspreading your imagination. The great variety of colors, shapes and backgrounds will satisfy your claims.

Декоративни тухли

Decorative (tiny) Bricks

Very successful imitation of clay bricks in different styles and colors. The availability of corner elements simplifies installation and makes it complete and natural look/appearance.

Облицовъчен камък Thermostone

Wall Cladding Stone

Thermostone Wall Claddings are decorative facings made of concrete with an appropriate shape and size for quick and easy coverage of large areas.

Декоративен камък Thermostone

Decorative Stones

The product decorative stone is a set of patterns made of concrete. There are wood texture designs and small stacked stone design. There are also models for doors and windows surrounding.


Concrete products and products Thermostone are weatherproof. Therefore their use for exterior decoration is not a problem at all. The incorporated concrete pigment guarantees preservation of color for many years.

Use waterproof adhesives to provide the necessary resistance in winter conditions.

  • facade decoration and extra insulation for every building, house, fence, hotel, restaurant or shop / office
  • house and building plinth
  • outdoor fountains
  • wells
  • BBQ place
Декоративни тухли - Tambora Clay | Thermostone


All of Thermostone products are fully applicable  in  interior solutions

  • covering  an entire wall / walls
  • pit  or stone accent around  corners, doors, windows, etc.
  • external covering of fireplaces (without direct exposure to fire)
  • covering chimneys and pillars
  • decoration of your home, office, restaurant, hotel, etc.

Why Thermostone?

High Quality Molds

We have high quality silicone molds for reuse.

20 Years in The Industry

The company has extensive experience in concrete industry such as hard work in the sector more than 20 years.

Аppropriate Pricing

We achieved a good balance in pricing, given all the factors involved..


Thermostone products are made of lightweight concrete and have the same durability as other high-quality concrete products exposed to external climatic conditions. Much of the models have their surface sealed with varnish and coating materials.

Certified Experience

Design and production of indoor and outdoor decorative cladding of artificial stone from lightweight concrete with the trademark Thermostone.

  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2008

Qualified Advices

In our website you can find all the instructions for installation of our products. These can also be obtained by phone or e-mail by an employee of the company.

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