Placement – Tips and Recommendations

For placement of the stones is considered the ambient temperature to be between 5-30 °C. The colour of the product can vary due to moisture in tone up to 50% of its original colour.

Do not use in any case, aggressive liquids or high pressure machines for cleaning or treating of the s When necessary to cut a piece, use a diamond blade radial.

For the placement of the model Aurora or model Shilin, we recommend using adhesive cement of a similar color or similar to the material which is installed to correct the defects or gaps between part.

Use wooden blocks or similar, with the size of the joints which you want to place, not to slide the pi and to form perfect drying and achieve uniformity in the joints.

THERMOSTONE products do not suffer any modification due to fire or in the open. However, the supporting structure can be affected by them, it is recommended to be previously isolated.

The sequence for installation of faux stone


1. Measure height and length of surface.

2. Meters measure the corners.

3. Discount window and door openings.

4. We recommend you to have spare pieces (5% more) in case of cuttings and quartering.


1. Clean the surface to improve grip.

2. Ensure that there isn’t any waterproof material on the surface, that may prevent the adhesion of the cement glue.

Wet the surface

1. Wet the surface.

2. Apply uniformly tile adhesive – type C2TE S1 uniformly.

Wet and paste the product

1. Wet Thermostone tiles before placement.

2. Apply C2 tile adhesive on the back side of the pieces.

3. Double glue required on both – surface and pieces.


1. When installing irregular pieces, use separators to obtain uniform joint.

2. Start placement from the bottom.

3. Gently tap the pieces with rubber hammer to expand cement glue.

Alignment and leveling

When installing regular pieces It is important to take levels every 4 – 5 rows.

Corner pieces

1. Corner pieces to be alternated – short sides and long sides.

2. Always start off the corners.

Regular pieces

For models with regular form is better to alternate the elements, so that vertical joints do not match.


1. After placing, let dry 24 hours.
2. Prepare dry and well beaten mortar.
3. Mix in liquid repellent to avoid efflorescence.

Pointing the joints

1. Fill in pastry bag to apply joints.

2. Proceed to apply joints.

3. Let dry for 30 – 40 min.

Pass the joints

Pass the joints with wooden or metal jointing tool to obtain rustic looking finish.

Cleaning the joints and surface

1. Brush the joints.

2. Clean the surface with dry brush to remove loose mortar

Necessary tools

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