В Thermostone не всичко е камък

In Thermostone not all is stone

In our ongoing commitment to innovation in the field of interior design and care of the environment, we have created a new line of decorative wall finishes that reproduce different types of exotic woods.

The products of WOOD from Decorative stone, imitate different types of wood, some of which cannot be found on the market, as they are protected species.

These decorative wall covering contribute to the elegant and authentic view of the room where they are placed, and bring great comfort and warmth.

Depending on the decoration that you choose to go with these finishes, there are two equally well expressed appearances that could be given to the room: ancient and modern.

Different types of exotic woods replication

Different types of exotic woods replication

Imagine the pleasure to enjoy the exotic atmosphere that brings Asian Bamboo or Baobab – Saharan Africa and the hardness and the spirit of American Sequoia in your living room or bedroom.

Easy to install and maintenance, these tiles are perfect choice for stores where the customer will be surprised by an attractive interior.

Your environmental conscience can be calm and clear, since the production of these elements does not require the cut of a single tree or destruction of a protected area.

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