Thermal and acoustic insulation of the exterior walls, fi re safety and breath ability for a healthier indoor environment and exterior insulation and decoration with finishing products Thermostone.



Система SATE


  1. Perimetral profi le socket / starting board
  2. Adhesive mortar
  3. Polystyrene insulation panel
  4. Anchor plates with mechanical fixing
  5. Mortar for embedding of the reinforcement net
  6. Reinforcement net
  7. Cement glue
  8. Double layer cement glue
  9. Products Thermostone
  10. Placement of joint
ETICS система
1. Surface pre-treatment. In order to fix it with adhesive mortar and bolts the surface need to be cleaned from dirt, dust, oil, grease and foreign particles. It needs to be dry and without moisture.2. Installing starter profile/frieze. This helps fixing and leveling of thermal insulation panels as well as provides protection against moisture.3. Applying adhesive mortar over the insulation panel. Apply a thin coat over panel perimeter and three trowels of the material onto the central part of the panel.

Монтаж на изолацията

4. Монтаж на изолационни плоскости. Плочата се монтира веднага към стената и се притиска с леки потупвания с маламашката. Може да се притискат и с ръка. Добре е да се подреждат при лепенето в шахматен ред, за да се избегн съвпадението на вертикалните фуги.

5. Place PVC strips in the angles and intersection points together with additional reinforcing net.6. Before application of the adhesive mortar clean of dirt and dust in order to achieve better cohesion of the mortar. Apply a coat of binder for fi ttings to improve the mechanical parameters of the External thermal insulation system. The thickness of the layer is prescribed in the product technical specifi cation.7. While the binder is still fresh a reinforcing mesh is placed over it. The mesh should have anti- alkaline action since it should retain its qualities even after placing in the mortar.8. Before mounting the mechanical fixings you should wait from 24 to 36 hours. The drying time of the mortar depends on the ambient temperature, wind and atmospheric moisture.
9. Installing anchor bolts. Make a hole by drilling through the panel and the surface and control the depth using a guide. Place the bolt until the disc is level with the panels. Hit the bolt with a plastic hammer until it sinks completely.10. The bolts should be attached onto solid materials on the wall. The length of the bolts should be selected to correspond to the thickness of the insulation panels since they need to penetrate to the end. The number of bolts depends on the height or the position (surface, edge).11. Apply a second coat of adhesive mortar over the whole surface covering the heads of the anchor bolts.12. While the binder is still fresh a reinforcing net is placed over it.
13. The surface is left to dry, you should wait from 24 to 36 hours. You can now apply the Thermostone® – brick, model Mammatus.14. Use a notched trowel to apply evenly over the surface a cement glue type C2. Start from the floor upwards and apply it in stripes.15. Please wet the Thermostone® details before using them. You should apply mortar over the surface and over the details too.16. Start application from the corners fi rst, bottom upwards, by alternating short with long sides.
17. In the flat details of the regular models always interrupt the vertical joint.18. Before starting application on the joints it is recommended to wait between 24 and 48 hours before installing the lining. The joints between the details should be dry and dust clean.19. For the joints, prepare a good even, thick mixture. Add liquid water repellant in the mixture to avoid effl orescence. Use pastry mould to fi ll in the joints.20. Fill in the joints. Leave to dry for 30-45 minutes depending on the density of the mixture. Clean the joints with a brush.
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