We would like to stop your attention to our company’s commitment to the environment

Conciencia Ecológica ThermostoneThermostone was born with the intention to apply the most advanced technologies and European quality standards in the manufacture of all its products – decorative artificial stone, all in perfect harmony with nature without destroying it or affecting it.

conciencia ecológica 3Our intention is that our customers can enjoy well decorated homes, offices or shops with products that copy exactly the look of natural stone or wood, without a single mountain being destroyed or being affected any of the amazing places that these rare types of wood come from. Our producction does not require removing or destroying  forests and mountains do not have a negative impact on the environment and the biodiversity.

We dare to say that our products have qualities that natural materials do not always possess:

  • High resistance
  • Lightness, which eliminates the need to fortify the walls
  • Low hygroscopicity
  • Wide range of colors and designs
  • Reduce the impact of UV radiation

Conciencia Ecológica Thermostone 2We try to minimize energy consumption and emissions of CO2, using the most modern technologies. Regarding packaging, we are working with 100% recyclable and reusable ones.

energia-3If there comes a day when Thermostone will not produce this type of product , we wouldn’t want to leave behind non-biodegradable waste.

But above all, and most of all, our goal is today and in the future, to awaken in each one of us …
… Ecological conscience …

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